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This is Our Happy Place Wood Sign - Signed by Brett & Cecilia Kissel


A House is Made of Walls and Beams A Home is Made of Love and Dreams

These frames are made with real pine wood. We expect to see cracks, knots and other imperfections. We believe this brings charm and character to our signs and makes each one truly unique. Our backing is made of recycled material. On the back of every sign we expect to see marks & imperfections. The timeless and classic black and white color scheme make it easy to transition this sign into any room in the home. Not only that, but it sends a stylish message to all who enter your space.

This sign was designed by Brett and Cecilia Kissel and have both of their signatures on the back! Dimensions are: 12" wide by 36" long. Background color is white Lettering is black. Keyhole hanger is set into the back for flush and easy hanging  

Made in Canada

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