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Hey, I'm Charlie & the founder and owner of Carved in Oak Boutique! Growing up in a small town in Nova Scotia, I was a small girl with a big dream. Although I wasn't quite sure what that dream was yet, in June of 2020 I had the idea of starting a boutique! I've always loved fashion and everything to do with the beauty industry so this was literally meant to be!

Growing up with two older sisters and many friends who have shared their self love journeys with me, I knew I needed this to be a safe place where women can express their own unique styles and embrace their size & shapes! I understand the importance of women feeling comfortable through their shopping experiences so this is my top priority! My goal is to have everyone walk out of my shop feeling like they own the world!

Everyone should be able to find something awesome on here at Carved in Oak. It warms my heart to know that there truly is a place here for each of our customers. With all of the products, I focus on quality by having our products subject to rigorous quality checks and testing’s before it reaches you.

The beautiful women modelling the clothes are dear friends of mine who have volunteered their time to help me throughout this journey. HUGE shout out to them all as I couldn't do it without them. 

Carved in Oak Boutique is proudly based in Amherst, Nova Scotia Canada!  I  keep the store stocked with all locally made Canadian products, so purchasing from this shop is also supporting other small, local businesses across our country :) .

Thank you for supporting my small, local business and I hope to have you all as customers for life!

Much Love,