Clothes For A Cause

Carved in Oak empowers women to feel confident with their bodies, no matter the age, size, height etc. When we found this brand called "The Roster" we couldn't say no to carrying their clothing in our store because it's literally everything we stand for. 

Do you remember the first time someone made fun of the way you looked? Do you remember the first time you looked in the mirror and started judging every inch of your body? These things probably happened at such a young age, which is why we think it's so important to start teaching women to love their bodies & themselves in general, at a young age. 

10% of every sale is still donated to the BeaYOUtiful Foundation, providing confidence classes for young girls 8-14 across Canada. In wearing the simplistic styles, each stamped with a empowering message, we hope that you embrace the perfections and imperfections that make you unique.

We hope you help us join this movement into helping our daughters, future mothers and sisters feel confident. We are women, let's stand together. 

*Please note, the photo's of models belong to the campaign, we do not own these photo's but are simply using them as marketing of the clothing for the foundation.* 

You are Fearless Sweater - Caramel $40.00 $68.00
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